About Us

About Us

The National Dangerous Animal Task Force (NDATF) was formed to assist Law Enforcement, Military and Security Agencies during natural disasters, terrorist acts and also high-risk situations where their may be a threat to the general public's safety from animals both domestic or wildlife.


We consist of various types of professionals from all walks of life in the Public Safety field. Our specialty is to assist Public Safety officials in anyway we can, from controlling and capturing animals to training Public Safety officials in various types of classes.


Our Certified Agents are geographically located, which provides better assistance and support to requesting law enforcement, military or security agencies with high-risk situations and warrants. Our Agents work in conjunction with these agencies.

We also provide contract services Worldwide to government agencies that require professional assistance with both domestic and wildlife animals. We also provide K9 Services for government agencies.

Current deployment of NDATF Agents and/or K9's include the following, Africa, Alaska, Arizona, Australia, Brazil, California, Canada, Indiana, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Texas.